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GE Energy Efficient Lighting Retrofits Saving Hospital BIG Money

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Hospital Saves $13,000 Per Year

A lighting retrofit at Aultman Hospital in Canton, Ohio, is using GE lighting products and saving the healthcare center $13,000 a year in energy costs.

4 Real Stories About Energy Efficient Solutions That Save BIG Money


Are There Really Energy Efficient Solutions That Save Money?

We do a lot of research and promotion for energy efficiency. I present solutions to

What Are The Two Types Of Energy Efficiency Incentives?


2 Basic Types of Utility Incentives

Most programs came out with an annual budget amount they are going to spend on incentives, and you have to fill out the paperwork correctly and make sure you meet all the criteria for the utility. There are two basic types of incentives. There’s a prescriptive incentive, and a custom incentive.

Dealership Lighting:Boost Profits With Annual Energy Savings


Annual Savings Can Save Dealerships BIG Money...

Annual savings is one of the most obvious benefits to upgrading lighting infrastructure. Reducing wattage is the key, so the more reduced the wattage, the more annual savings will be available to you.

4 Ways Department Of Defense Could Reduce $20 Billion Energy Bill


Could The DOD Actually Eliminate $20 Billion In Energy Cost Through Energy Efficiency?

It's not very often that I re-post nearly an entire article for posting in our blog post...that's not usually a good thing to do according to blog etiquette.  But in this case, after I got back up in my chair from reading it, I thought, I have to share this with others. 

Can Energy Efficient Lighting Increase Employee Productivity?

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Is There More To Energy Efficient Lighting Than "The Numbers"?

The focus of most energy efficient lighting upgrades focus on the financial aspects of the benefits to the owner.  Less of a consideration for building owners, but nonetheless important, is the impact a lighting system has on your employees. 

How To Clean Up Your "Dirty" Power With Energy Efficient Lighting


Beyond The Obvious Benefits Of Energy Efficient Lighting....

Lighting Uses ALOT Of US Total Electricity Capacity

Lighting utilizes about 18% of the total electricity currently generated in the United States.  Lighting within commercial buildings is responsible for roughly 71% of the 18% total electricity generated.  Energy efficient lighting is one physical change that  could bring that percentage down drastically.

How Can Energy Efficient Lighting Reduce Cooling Loads By 40%?

hovey electric how to reduce cooling cost

Lighting Consumes The Most Energy In Your Building...Time To Consider Energy Efficient Lighting

Lighting is one of the most significant expenses in operating a building.  Typically, lighting is actually the largest cost component of a commercial buildings energy bill. 

10 Expert Tips For Successful Energy Efficient Light Design


Take The Time For Light Design, Here's Why....

Lighting Consumes Over 1/3rd Total Facility Energy Costs

Lighting consumes nearly 35% of the total energy consumption that is used in commercial buildings across the United States. 

Where Is The Best Place To Use T5 Lighting Technology?

T5 2x4

The Many Uses For T5 Lighting

Many people see T5 lighting as good for only Highbay replacement applications. While it does excel extremely well in that department there are other main stream uses for this incredible lighting technology.

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