Solutions for Electrical Contractor Problems and Challenges!

    Hovey Electric has been in business over 30 years.  There are less than 1% of all businesses who have achieved that longevity within their survival.  In preparation for the second generation, Hovey Electric has instituted and perfected processes over the past 4 years that have enabled the company to achieve the following results:


    Increased our customer base by over 100%

    Successfully created an energy efficiency division in markets where we have no physical location or presence.

    Created a new division within another state increasing sales by over 100%


    Project management tracking system monitoring success and failures in real time.

    Developed system to accurately forecast future revenues to predict impact on future cash flows.


    Systematically moved control of day to day operations from 1 person to 4 person Field Leadership Team.

    Implemented a project management system that has achieved up to 55% gross margin on electrical constructon projects. 

    Implemented company policy which forces management to manage each project utilizing a cost loaded schedule.


    Created a scorecard system to measure and monitor the effectiveness of each employee at all levels of the organization.

    Implemented technology systems to accurately estimate, track time, manage projects, day to day problem logs and up to date pricing of materials required.  


    What do we offer to Electrical Contractors?

    In order to successfully manage the successful achievements over the past 4 years, Hovey Electric has created numerous systems and documented those systems in order to successfully manage the company on a day to day basis.  We would like to share our success with other Electrical Contractors. Hovey Electric has created a managment consulting division focused solely on helping other electrical contractors implement the same successful systems we have utilized to sustain our business for the past 32 years.  We can customize a program specifically for your business.  Our methods of delivering our Management services are:

    • Complete Systems Implementation customized to your business.
    • Group Training Programs
    • Educational Webinars
    • On Site Seminars
    • One on One Consulting

    Interested in any of the above?


    Energy Efficiency Marketing

    Are you interested in jumping on the "green" wave but have no idea how to Market, Audit, Present, Propose and Close energy efficiency projects? (Link to Page describing)

    Profitable Construction Project Planning and Scheduling

    Do you know where you can make more money today, right now?  Project Managment.  Managing the details and the production of your workforce.  We can teach you how to develop a system that tells you all of the key management metrics that you need to know exactly where you are today.  To see how you can create a more profitable jobs using our unique project management system.  (Process Map of Project Management)

    Wake up a Sleeping Website

    Information on how to create a website that actually works for your company rather than just sit around and look pretty.  Our visits have increased by 2500% since we began this process and 3 very good direct leads that we would have never gotten without our Inbound Marketing Strategy.

    Measuring Employee Effectiveness

    Looking for a way to manage the performance and evaluation of your employees, take a look at an example of the Hovey Electric scorecard system.

    Simplified Financial Management for Contractors

    Still tossing those financial statements in the drawer after the Accountant sends them to you 90 days later? Our simplified approach to finance makes the complicated terms and forms into un-complicated inforamation that makes sense.  Already have an Accountant?  List in to (Video)

    Holding Employees Accountable

    How are your employees going to know what their job is if you don't know what theyre job is?  We spent months developing Job Descriptions for our entire employee base.  Take a look at one that we developed for a Journeyman Electrician

    Selling Your Business in a Down Economy

    Why would we know anything about selling a business?  Well, to be honest, we have been in the market for the past several years. We have looked at about 50 companies. We know what is out there and what is missing.   We can show you what investors are looking for when buying an electrical contractor so you can get the maximum return on your business sale.  What kinds of businesses are we looking for?  Check out our Acquisitions page