Industrial Electrician-Journeyman Job Description

    Job Title:  Industrial Electrician -Journeyman

    Reports To: Job Leader

    Key Result: To create an the best environment for completing all Hovey Electric jobs safely and as close to budgeted hours and material estimates completed for each job. 

    Strategic Responsibilities: Manage time, understand conditions impacting the successful completion of the job, effectively communicate with others, learn and ask questions to further the experience the Electrician’s experience level, help other less experienced Electrician’s understand the trade, abide by all Company rules and policies, work safely, be aware of site conditions in order to complete projects in the estimated time established by Company Management.   


    1.       Arrive at job site each day on time and ready to start work at time established by Job Leader.

    2.       Leave job site at the end of the day at the established time. 

    3.       Log in to job site at beginning of day utilizing the Time clock assigned to the job. 

    4.       Log out of job site at lunch.

    5.       Log in to job site after you complete lunch break.

    6.       Log out of job site any time you leave the job site on personal business; re: doctor’s appointments, family emergencies. 

    7.       Log in to job site any time you return to job site from personal business; re: doctor's appointments, family emergencies. 

    8.       Log out of job site at the end of the work day.

    9.       Understand tasks assigned to you individually or assigned to the work group.

    10.   Provide training and guidance to less experienced Apprentice Electrician.

    11.   Install materials and equipment according to job specifications and production standards established by the job estimate and Job Leader.

    12.   Inform Job Leader when running low on materials; GOAL: to have materials in place to complete your next week’s worth of work. 

    13.   Attend all safety meetings required by job owner or specific job site requirements.

    14.   Complete daily scorecard assigned to you by your immediate Job Leader.

    15.   Turn in Scorecard to your Job Leader before leaving the jobsite for the day.

    16.   Keep job site and immediate work area clean by cleaning up after every task.

    17.   Make sure job site is clean by not allowing any clutter, storing materials and equipment in a safe, organized, and accessible to insure a safe working environment.

    18.   Inform Job Leader immediately of any issues affecting your ability to complete task in estimated amount of time established by your Job Leader.

    19.   Maintain Company equipment by keeping it clean, making sure it is operational, safe, and keeping the equipment from being damaged by inappropriate usage. 

    20.   Promptly report any equipment that does not work or is unsafe immediately to your Job Leader.

    21.   Wear all approved Personal Protective Equipment required by specific safety requirements established by the job Owner, Job Leader and job Safety Representative. 

    22.   Report any unsafe behavior immediately to Job Leader or Safety Representative.

    23.   Other duties or tasks may be assigned on an as needed basis.

    24.   Perform all job duties in accordance with Company policy, Job Description and Safety Requirements of the job. 


    Desired Results:

    Work is completed safely according to project schedule.

    Meet or exceed daily production estimates.

    Become the best trained Electricians in the area.

    Long term job security.

    Stable, educated workforce.

    Create and develop future leadership.