Temporary Management Service

    Rent the Time You Need - Virtual Executives

    Rent a CEO,CFO,COO....

    Rent the expertise that you need at the executive level in your contracting business. Maybe your business isn't large enough to have a full time executive leading your business.

    The best way to resolve that problem is to rent the time you need.  Hovey Electric has developed numerous systems and handles complicated problems on a daily basis. We wear many hats and fullfil many roles on a daily basis. 

    Executive Roles We Can Fill

    Jimmy Hovey, MBA, has over 25 years of business experience and leads an experienced group of people who can fill the roles of: 

    • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
    • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
    • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    • General Manager (GM)
    • Senior Project Manager (SPM)
    • Chief Operating Officer (COO)
    • Chief Content Officer (CCO)

    Small Budget to Big Budget, Tell Us What You Need!

    We can accomodate most budgets with plans as low as $250 per month for expert executive support.  Let us know your needs and we will customize a program to help you manage your business on a virtual basis.