7 Reasons to Choose LED Christmas Lights This Holiday Season

Posted by Lorien Strydom on Wed, Dec 04, 2013 @ 11:12 AM

Christmas LED Lights7 Reasons to Choose LED Christmas Lights This Holiday

Being both environmentally and economically conscious doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the holiday lights – or worse, not put any up at all. If you want to decorate your home or your business for the holidays while saving energy in the process, LED Christmas lights are an excellent option.  If you are tired of buying new Christmas lights ever season, investing in LED lights instead will hold you over for several years (unless, like many Holiday decorating enthusiasts, you like to add to your lighting displays and designs each year).

Here are some advantages for choosing LED Christmas lights this year:

1. They are efficient.

LED Christmas lights use 90% less energy than traditional Christmas lights. For that reason alone – LED lights are a great choice.

By celebrating the holidays with LED decorative lights you are simultaneously reducing your “footprint” on the environment.

2. They last long.

LED lights can last for up to hundreds of thousands of hours. If you kept them on twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, you could enjoy them for years!

So, imagine how long they’ll last if you only have them on for a few months during the winter season? 

3. They are durable.

LED lights use light emitting diodes in order to produce their luminescence.  Consequently, it is not possible to burn out the filaments and there are no bulbs to replace.  LED Christmas lights are user-ready. 

Furthermore, LED Christmas lights are made of plastic instead of glass.  As a result, those who use them to decorate do not have to fear that they will break, and since these types of lights are less fragile than traditional Christmas lights, they are also easier to store until next season without having to worry about finding them broken.

4. They can be customized.

Whether you buy strands already in place or prefer to the freedom to place each bulb in the strand yourself to coordinate your desired color scheme, LED Christmas lights are easy to customize. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, forms, and colors, how you choose to design the lights in your yard or the trimming along your property is limitless.

From forms in the shape of snowflakes, bushes, icicle strands, and garlands to rope lighting and everything in between, LED Christmas lights are available per bulb or per predesigned form.

5. They are cost-efficient.

For the frugal spender, LEDs are an ideal choice.  Although they might be a little more expense at check-out than traditional incandescent light bulbs, they’ll last much longer and won’t have to be replaced as quickly.

How many times have you had to go back to the store to replace incandescent lights in the middle of the Holiday season?

That won’t happen with LED lights.

6. They are safe.

Traditional incandescent Christmas lights can get very hot, very quickly. Ornaments and dry Christmas trees can easily catch fire if exposed to an over-heated incandescent bulb for an extended period of time.

7. They are accessible.

Although you can purchase LED Christmas lights in typical brick-and-mortar retail stores, you have more options and more choices if you shop online (plus it’s a lot easier and more convenient).

Whether you trim your home or business every holiday season or are considering doing it this year for the first time, do some research and look at the different bulbs and lights available.

If you plan your design and color scheme before you shop (vs while shopping) you’ll avoid buying too many lights you won’t use or not enough lights to finish the project.

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