What is The Kelvin Light Scale?

Who is Kelvin (K)? Understandnig the Kelvin Light Scale

Kelvin is not a person, but rather a definition of the type of light generated by a light bulb.  Here is some more information:

The Kelvin Light Scale

Kelvin light scale is used to compare the quality of indoor light to light experienced outdoors. 

In normal daylight conditions, typical Kelvin values are between 5000 and 6000. In artificial lighting conditions, 4000 Kelvin and lower is very common. 

Examples of Lighting

New Technology:

The BlueMax is very close to true, natural daylight as the bulbs have a Kelvin value of 5900K. 

Old Technology:

If you are trying to compare the Kelvin value of new lighting to existing 400 watt Metal Halide, they likely have a value of approximately 4000. 

The Difference?

A 5900K Light will seem much brighter than a 4000K Light Value.  This alone will make the area seem much brighter than it currently is. 

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