Energy Efficient Motors:When Is The Right Time To Replace Old Motors?

Save Your Company Money With Energy Efficient Motors....But You Need To Plan Ahead!

Choosing the Right Motor Requires A Plan

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4 Real Stories About Energy Efficient Solutions That Save BIG Money

Are There Really Energy Efficient Solutions That Save Money?

We do a lot of research and promotion for energy efficiency. I present solutions to

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Ways To Save Energy: Energy Saving Tips For Around the Office

Some Quick Energy Saving Tips For Around The Office...

Saving Energy Saves Profit

There are multiple methods for conserving energy in your business. By following just a few simple energy saving tips, you can reduce your energy consumption, save money and help to preserve the Earth’s natural resources for future generations.

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Energy Efficient Lighting:400 Watt Metal Halide vs. T-5 Retrofit

Will T-5 Replacement Make My Facility More Energy Efficient?

Reasons Why T-5 High Bay are More Energy Efficient Than 400 Watt Metal Halide:

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How To Reduce Gymnasium Lighting Cost By Over 50%.....Real Project

Can Energy Efficient Lighting Reduce Cost By 50%?

400 Watt Metal Halide Fixtures are NOT Energy Efficient or Cost Effective

The title of this article may be hard to believe, but I see the application almost daily used in several different types of facilities.  400 Watt Metal Halide fixtures are EVERYWHERE.  I attended several of my daughters Volleyball games this year at Public Schools and Universities.  What are they using?  400 Watt Metal Halide.  Metal Halides are NOT energy efficient compared to many options.

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Energy Efficient Lighting:How To Calculate Cost 23 Watt Bulb

Is a 23 Watt Bulb Really More Energy Efficient than a 100 Watt Incandescent?

Calculating the Cost of a 23 Watt CFL

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Did You Miss Any Of Our Top 5 Energy Efficient Blog Posts Of 2011?

Just In Case You Did Miss Our Top 5 Energy Efficient Blog Posts Of The Year...Here's A Re-Cap...

2011: A Year Of Tremendous Website Growth

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Why Do Electrical Contractors Fear Energy Efficient Products?

Why Are Contractors Afraid Of Encouraging Energy Efficient Products?

"C'Mon Man" And Energy Efficiency....Say What?

I like watching Football on Sunday's when I have time..which isn't very often. So instead of watching hours of Football, I like to watch the ESPN show to see what has been going on in the NFL for the week.

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Energy Efficient Lighting for Dealerships and Large Parking Lots

Most Dealerships Use Expensive 1000 Watt Metal Halide..

The very first time I drove to see our operations in Clarksville Tennessee I can remember rolling into town late at night. I was absolutely amazed at the number of large dealerships on the main strip, all lit up like a Christmas tree.....all with Metal Halide.

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4 Energy Efficient Devices That Increase Energy Savings

Energy Efficient Devices:

I recently did an article called Energy Efficient Products: What We Like and Why We Like Them. In the article I wrote about some of the newer technologies that are out on the market place to help conserve energy.

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