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Energy Efficient Products: What We Like and Why We Like Them


What are the best products energy efficient products for energy efficient installations? 

Take a look at some we really like....(just our opinion)

Top Energy Efficient Products:

This post is going to highlight some of my top picks for energy efficient products and new technology. In this article, we are going to cover lighting, power monitoring, and drives.

This will give a brief overview of what I like and why I like it. Now without further ado.

Energy Efficient Lighting:

Here's a fixture we have used in the past, it's one of many solid solutions for energy efficiency.

Everlast inductive fluorescent shoe boxenergy-efficient-products-everlast-inductive-fluorescents

Why I like it:

1. Great lamp life coupled with reduced maintenance.

2. Excellent performance! 99% of the time it can save a minimum of 50% over the tech it replaces.

3. Phenominal coloring of the looks      like daylight!


Rab has been a provider of high quality, economical lighting solutions for years. Here's


one of there newer LED offerings.

RAB LED wallpacks 

Why I like it:

1. Exceptional wattage reduction over current tech.

2. Very cost effective for LED.

3. Great replacement for hard to reach lighting on    the exterior of buildings.

Variable Frequency Drives Make Motors Energy Efficient:

Square D is an industry leader in Drives and Soft Starts. The E-Flex is one of there


workhorse drives which fits into many applications.

Square D E-Flex drive

1. Convenient all in 1 package

2. Broad range of horsepower and voltage ratings

3. Phenominal value, implementations usually result in a 18 month    or less payback!


Measuring Energy Efficient - Power Quality:

Ideal is a highly respected manufacturer of metering technology, the power quality analyzer below contnues that trend in innovation and quality. 

Ideal power quality meter

1. Small form factor energy-efficient-products-measuring-power-quality

2. Simple to use 

3. Analyzes power factor, harmonic distortion, spikes and sags. Great  value!

Here are Some Other Energy Efficient Honarable mentions:

Ultralux T5 Highbay 

Everlast Bi-level Inductive fluorescent wall pack 

GE Max-N Ultra ballasts 

There ya have it folks! The work horses in energy efficient products

My intent is to do a series of tech round-ups showing and highlighting products that are proven performers in the field of energy efficiency. 

Have any energy efficient products you would like us to review?

Leave some recomendations in our comments field on what you would like to see high-lighted! I always love to hear what others are using and finding that works!




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