Changes For The New Year At Hovey Electric....Check It Out...

2015 Brings Positive Changes To Hovey Electric....

There have been some changes coming for Hovey Electric for several months now.  As of January 2nd, they are all now official.  2 major changes that took place.....

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LED vs Fluorescent: 10 Problems To Consider With Fluorescent Lighting

Which Way To Go...LED vs Fluorescent

Fluorescent is still an inexpensive option for retrofitting old T12 fixtures, but Fluorescent lighting does have it's drawbacks.  Here are 10 problems that people run into with Fluorescent Lighting: 

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Energy Efficient Lighting:T-12 Fluorescent Bulbs Go Bye, Bye In July!

You Will Have To Replace Your T-12's At Some Point....The Question Is...When?

T-12 Being Phased Out


Replacement ballasts for T-12 Fixtures are no longer being manufactured.  This is part of a long term phaseout which began in 2005. Manufacturers stopped producing the ballasts after July 2010.  As long as your ballast doesn't burn out, you will have nothing to worry about.

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Energy Efficient Lighting:How To Calculate Cost 23 Watt Bulb

Is a 23 Watt Bulb Really More Energy Efficient than a 100 Watt Incandescent?

Calculating the Cost of a 23 Watt CFL

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Energy Efficient Lighting: CREE LED More Efficient Than Fluorescent?

What Could Be More Energy Efficient Than Fluorescents?

What replaces energy efficient fluorescents?

Think of a large office building, or perhaps a high school or college. One thing they all have is a lot of fluorescent 2x4 fixtures in the ceiling.

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