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How To Save Electricity: Energy Efficient LED Can Lighting Upgrade

Say Goodbye to CFL and Incandescent:

Cooper Lighting has introduced the Halo RL56 LED Retrofit Baffle Trim. Capable of being used in both 5-inch and 6-inch compatible housings, the recessed baffle trim with an integrated LED module consumes a minuscule 9.4 watts while delivering over 600 lumens, which is comparable to a 65W BR30 lamp you would find in most recessed downlights. By changing an existing incandescent style trim out with this new LED offering a business could run this light six hours a day an entire year and still be under $3.00 for annual operating cost.(based on .10kwh)

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LED Light Applications: Municipality Embraces LED Lighting

LED Lighting is Big Savings

With LED lighting being the "buzz" word in energy efficiency I am really surprised that more counties, cities, and townships have not made the leap. If you look at the applications and opportunities that these places have for energy saving LED lighting installations it's simply mind boggling.

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400 Watt Metal Halide Replacements: LED Highbay vs. T5 Highbay

LED vs. T5, the Highbay Heavy Hitters

When it comes to highbay lighting, metal halide is a thing of the past. Way to costly to run and maintain. Today, most people rely on T5 highbay's to fill that lighting application. It's inexpensive for the initial purchase, and is very cheap to maintain and run.

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How To Calculate T5 vs 400 Watt Metal Halide High Bay Wattage

Difference in Wattage: 400 Watt MH to T-5 High Bay

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T5 vs T8 vs LED: The Best Options For Replacing Aging T-12 Fixtures

You Want To Be Energy Efficient....So What Are Your Options For Linear Fluorescent?

Older T12 linear fluorescent lamps are not exactly what many would consider inefficient, but by todays standards they are. Most business owners don't even realize what they have been using over the years.  One thing is for sure, they are now OLD technology.

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How to Find Energy Efficiency Savings from Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy sensor; What do they do?

Occupancy sensor, Occ sensor, motion sensor. They have various names but they all do basically the same function.

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LED Industrial Lighting:New Energy Efficient Hazardous Area Lighting

Energy Efficient LED Solution for Hazardous Area Lighting

Hazardous area lighting is a breed all it's own. The environments are extremely harsh with excessive ambient temperatures....it's not a nice place to be.

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How To Reduce Wattage In Sensitive Areas Requiring Hazardous Lighting

Using Inductive Fluorescent For Hazardous Area Lighting

What Could Be Better Than LED?

LED continues to grow as a great alternative for energy efficient lighting, especially in sensitive hazardous ares.  But the prices of LED still remain quite high, so I wanted to introduce you to another option for lighting hazardous areas in your facility. While the LED is a great option it is by no means the only one.

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4 Real Stories About Energy Efficient Solutions That Save BIG Money

Are There Really Energy Efficient Solutions That Save Money?

We do a lot of research and promotion for energy efficiency. I present solutions to

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Ways To Save Energy:3 Tips To Increase Energy Savings In Home Or Biz

Simple, Practical Ways To Find Energy Savings for Homeowners and Small Businesses

These are some simple tips than anyone can implement for immediate energy savings.  I know, because these are the very same things I did in my home.

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