LED Industrial Lighting:New Energy Efficient Hazardous Area Lighting

Posted by Dave VanTol on Wed, Apr 18, 2012 @ 11:04 AM

Energy Efficient LED Solution for Hazardous Area Lighting

Hazardous area lighting is a breed all it's own. The environments are extremely harsh with excessive ambient temperatures....it's not a nice place to be.

That being said, it takes a different grade of light fixture to survive in that type of environment. You need one specifically designed and tested to withstand the worst of the worst.

"Energy efficient" was not a term usually associated with this lighting, but things have changed...

Energy Efficient Lighting Hasn't Been An Option

Until recently, most fixtures in these areas were either Metal Halide or High pressure sodium. While they got the job done, they require a lot of maintenance and were horrible energy consumers.

Today's big push in energy efficiency has trickled into this market and given us a great alternative.

LED Options?LED-options-for-energy-efficient-hazardous-area-lighting

The new Mercmaster LED is suitable for use in a vast range of environments and comes in any configuration imaginable.

While the fixture it's designed to replace uses roughly 208 watts of electricity, the new LED version uses only 98 watts and boasts a 60,000 hr. lamp life.

Compared to metal halides 15,000 hr lamp life it's not hard to see that in addition to saving huge amounts of energy it also drastically reduces maintenance costs.

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Energy Efficient and Hazardous in the Same Description...No Excuses Now!

So what's your reason for not converting your hazardous area over to energy efficient lighting?

Do you like writing huge checks to the utility company?

Or maybe you like all the maintenance costs taking money out of your profits month after month?

If you answered NO to both questions than let Hovey Electric help you out.  For over 32 years, Hovey Electric has been working in these harsh environments. 

We understand hazardous areas and the complexities of the environment.  We pair that will our deep knowledge of energy efficient lighting applications. We are experts in hazardous area lighting.  

Want To Learn More About Energy Efficiency?

There are many benefits to developing a energy efficiency plan for your facility.  Learn about the 5 benefits in our , Business Owners Guide To Energy Efficiency. You can download a FREE copy by clicking on the cover below.

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