LED Light Applications: Municipality Embraces LED Lighting

Posted by Dave VanTol on Fri, Dec 21, 2012 @ 09:12 AM

LED Lighting is Big Savings

With LED lighting being the "buzz" word in energy efficiency I am really surprised that more counties, cities, and townships have not made the leap. If you look at the applications and opportunities that these places have for energy saving LED lighting installations it's simply mind boggling.

Big Money, Big Savingsled-lighting-applications-save-municipalities-big-money

While it's undeniable that LED requires a larger upfront investment cost to get rolling, it's also undeniable that the potential for substantial energy savings is achievable.

One hurdle faced by all customers IS the upfront costs. Let's face it, energy savings is a "you get what you pay for" type of game.

To get minimal maintenance and energy usage from a lighting solution costs manufacturers a lot of money in R&D.

However, there are programs available that will actually loan you capitol to complete your energy efficiency upgrade and base the payback of that loan off of energy savings and incentives offered by your energy provider.

Money from Thin Air

These money lending programs are a saving grace to not just cash strapped local counties and cities but also to those who own businesses in the private sectors as well. Let's face some very real facts.

  1. You need light.
  2. Your going to pay for that light.
  3. The cost of electricity is not going down.

These are undeniable facts for any business. The only thing that's really in your control is how much your going to pay for that light. Here's a link to an article  showing how one city is fighting back against the ever climbing rates of electricity.

City rolling out LED lights Nov. 12th  

Is LED Right for You?

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