5 Recent Articles About The Technology Behind The LED Light Bulb

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Wed, Oct 03, 2012 @ 12:10 PM

Things To Consider When Considering LED


I recently had a conversation with one of our employees about the difference between led technology and Induction Fluorescent technology.  The higher cost of LED fixtures has led us to recommend that our customers go to inductive fluorescent technology because the benefits were equal to LED.  The one downside has been the price of LED. 

When we show up to do an energy efficient lighting audit, we often are asked about LED. LED is better known as the energy efficient technology.  Even though the induction technology has been around more than 100+ years, it is relatively unknown when you bring up the technology to clients.  

LED is much better known.  I think that is due to the introduction to LED Christmas lights over the past 5-7 years. Because of the Christmas lights, everyone knows that LED are EFFICIENT.  

So when someone asks us.."what do you do..", we say "energy efficient lighting" and they most often respond..."oh, you mean LED lighting?" We have to explain that we utilize the best lighting application that meets their needs that allows for the quickest payback for the business.  We want to help the business owner reduce costs, not increase them with technologies that are not needed. 

I am constantly researching new technologies and news related to energy efficient lighting, here are some of the articles that I found most interesting this week:

Do Utility Rebates Have Any Kind of Impact On The Growth Of The LED Market?

Utilities across the country are spending billions of dollars on energy efficiency incentives.  The obvious goal of an incentive program is to encourage efficiency.  In this article by Greentech Media, they show how utilities in the Northeast are offering very progressive prescriptive rebates which in turn is driving the LED lighting market.  

Read more....A Boom in Utility Rebates Drives LED Lighting : Greentech Media

LED's Can Fail Too?

Most people don' t know that just like regular lighting, LED lighting systems can fail just like the others.  The LED's nemesis is heat.  Manage the heat, you will extend the life of the system.  Here is an article that is a bit technical, but I included it because it shows how innovative thermal management is helping to extend the life of LED lighting systems. 

Learn more....Extend the life of LED lighting systems with thermal management ...

Will New Technology Reduce The Cost Of LED?

In an earlier article, we wrote how the LED technologies are continually driving down the cost of LED fixtures and lighting.  Texas Instruments recently created the industry's first wide-input LED driver so you have multiple dimming control options.  This new technology will reduce the complexity of LED lighting in many applications.  

Read about it here....TI introduces the first wide-input voltage, high-power LED driver with ...

Does LED Lighting Make Sense For Every Application?

I like this article because it takes a practical look at the cost benefit of LED vs Fluorescent.  As I mentioned in the opening paragraphs, we have come across this multiple times in the past few years.  We will get an Owner who is adamant about using LED, but when we show them the cost benefit, they quickly see that it is just not worth the additional expense.  This article has a very simple example to explaining the point. 

Check it out....LED Options For Fluorescent Shop Lighting...

Will The LED Market Continue To Grow?

The soft economy has industry experts questioning if the growth in the LED market will be able to hold true into the future.  With the improved technologies driving down pricing and numerous utility programs pushing FREE money out there for incentives, the LED market continued to grow in 2012.  What will the future hold?

Take a look....LEDs Magazine: LED lighting market holds steady in 2012 ...

Interested In Finding Out If LED Will Work For You?

How do you find out if energy efficient lighting is a fit for you?  The best way is education. We suggest that you first learn about the benefits of energy efficiency for your business.  To help you with that, we created a guide to help you better understand if energy efficient lighting is right for you. Check it out..just click on the book below. 

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