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Is It Possible For LED Lighting To Get More Efficient and Cheaper?


LED Lighting Has Been Around Awhile....But Not So Affordable...

LED Technology Changing Rapidlyenergy-efficient-lighting-led-lamp-hovey-electric

When we go into discuss lighting options with a customer, they most often ask "what about LED?"  The end user (customers) have been well aware of LED in many forms such as Christmas lights, cameras and Smartphones. 

While they work well for these applications, that hasn't been the case where lighting levels are important to the project or short payback period is critical. 

We often have to explain that there are some situations that LED just doesn't work or that the LED lighting technology would take a payback to 15 years compared to 2 years using fluorescent. 

But that is changing rapidly and I thought I would show you a couple of stories that I ran across this week that discuss some of the changes in brightness and cost of LED lighting.

New LED Technology

We have been writing articles about the benefits of LED lighting over fluorescent, and Halogen, but never thought that we would be writing about a LED that's more efficient than existing LED technologies.  But that is the case here as new innovation was recently announced.

The new LED lighting technology is discussed in an article written by blogger Katie Fehrenbacher called Startup Soraa unveils game changing next-gen LED light.  

LED Lighting Pioneer Invents More Advanced LED?

Shuji Nakamura, considered the Father of LED is behind the newest innovation in LED technology. His company, Soraa has:  

"developed a new way to manufacturer an LED light that produces a light that is brighter, has a better quality, is more energy efficient, and saves more money than its competitors on the market."

Wow, what more could you ask for?......How about a cheaper LED?

$5 LED, LED Is Getting Cheaper

An LED Lighting firm named Lemnis Lighting has just launched a new line of their Pharox LED Lamps that make the investment into LED a very attractive option.  As you likely know if you have looked into LED, bulbs have been $8, 10 and $15+ before. 

So this will be welcome news for those of us who want a viable alternative to the CFL's that take forever to light up. 

Not only is the bulb cheaper to purchase, your long term benefit is cheaper operation.  These bulbs are WAY more efficient then their incandescent counterparts. 

How Much More Cost Effective Is LED Lighting?

In the article "Lemnis Launches $5 Bulb" at, they prove out just how efficient these bulbs are:

 "a typical 40-watt incandescent bulb costs approximately $5.69 per year to use at $.13 per kWh, three hours a day.  The equivalent Pharox 350 lumen bulb....costs only $.85 per year in energy use"

That is an 85% reduction in the cost of operating that bulb compared to the incandescent.  At a $5 price point your running out of reason not to embrace energy efficient LED lighting in the workplace or even at home. 

Would You Like To Learn More About Energy Efficient LED Lighting?

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