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How To Find Rebates and Financing For LED Lighting Projects

how to save money with led lighting rebates and financing

Rebates, Rebates, Rebates.....

One of the most common questions we get on our blog, "Are there rebates available for my project?".  This article will focus on the types available and hopefully point you in the right direction so you can see if your project will qualify.  

15 Must Have Formulas For Calculating ROI For LED Lighting Retrofit


How to Calculate a Basic LED Retrofit ROI Manually

While technology is a great thing to have, it often can be too complicated to really be of any value.  Calculating the financial benefits of updating to LED or even Fluorescent lighting can seem like a daunting task.  For basic retrofits, you really don't need a computer.  You can do all you need with a simple calculator and a basic sheet of paper.  

How Does LED Lighting Impact Building Heat Gain and Power Quality?

how to reduce heat gain with led lighting systems

Are There Other Important Factors When Considering LED Lighting?

Yes, there is actually.  Although the most common question we get when considering an upgrade is the question about savings.  But while savings is an easy quantifiable calculation, there is often other factors that support the annual savings in tangible as well as non-tangible ways.  

5 Articles About The LED Light Bulb That Would Make Edison Proud!


All About LED Light Bulbs

We do a ton of research and writing for this website, so we are always reading other peoples work.  Here are 5 articles all about LED that are informative, fun, and educational all wrapped up into one place for you.  We do the research, so you don't have to.  

Energy Retrofit Options: How To Recycle Existing Lighting Fixtures


Considering A Lighting Upgrade?  Don't Forget To Consider Energy Retrofits......

Let's take a look at different lighting retrofits available on the market today. 

Is It Possible For LED Lighting To Get More Efficient and Cheaper?


LED Lighting Has Been Around Awhile....But Not So Affordable...

LED Technology Changing Rapidly

When we go into discuss lighting options with a customer, they most often ask "what about LED?"  The end user (customers) have been well aware of LED in many forms such as Christmas lights, cameras and Smartphones. 

Insights Into The Versatility And Applications Of LED Lighting


LED, LED Downlight, LED Retrofit, LED Troffer....What Does It All Mean?

Versatile Applications Of LED Lighting

With LED technology catching on like it has recently many people are considering it for new and remodel lighting projects. It's extremely low energy consumption and higher CRI output make LED look very appealing.

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