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15 Must Have Formulas For Calculating ROI For LED Lighting Retrofit


How to Calculate a Basic LED Retrofit ROI Manually

While technology is a great thing to have, it often can be too complicated to really be of any value.  Calculating the financial benefits of updating to LED or even Fluorescent lighting can seem like a daunting task.  For basic retrofits, you really don't need a computer.  You can do all you need with a simple calculator and a basic sheet of paper.  

How to Calculate Total Fixture Wattage for Fluorescent Lighting


Step 1 - Determine Your Type of Fluorescent Fixture

In order to calculate your total fixture wattage, you need to know what the wattage is of the existing system you have in place.  There are numerous variables, but typically we see T-12 fluorescent lighting in most places.  Even if you are aware of that you use T-12's, knowing what type of T-12 fixture is very important.  Here are the 3 that we run into most

Energy Efficient Lighting:400 Watt Metal Halide vs. T-5 Retrofit


Will T-5 Replacement Make My Facility More Energy Efficient?

Learn How to Increase Energy Efficiency in Home or Business


Simple, Practical Energy Efficiency Tips for Homeowners and Businesses

These are some simple tips than anyone can implement for immediate energy savings.  I know, because these are the very same things I did in my home.

3 Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency in Less than 1 Hour


Simple, Practical Energy Efficiency Tips for Homeowners (Works for Small Businesses TOO!)

We recently got some feedback on our blog that told us we were way too technical on our blog, not easy to understand. 

I thought about it a little and decided...hey, I am doing all I can at home for energy efficiency...why not talk about tips that can help homeowners save money as well?

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