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Highbay Options: T5 vs T8 vs 400 Watt Metal Halide vs LED Highbay


So Many Fixture Options, But What Is The Right One?

Should you keep your old 400 watt metal halide or replace with T5 or T8 and what about those new LED Highbays? 

4 Major Advantages to Buying C9 LED Christmas Lighting


Give yourself the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season by replacing those old, substandard incandescent Christmas lights with C9 LED Christmas lights. Instead of digging out boxes of tangled wires this year, meticulously changing out bulbs that no longer work, consider purchasing some LED lights instead.

7 Reasons to Choose LED Christmas Lights This Holiday Season

Christmas LED Lights

7 Reasons to Choose LED Christmas Lights This Holiday

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About C7 LED Christmas Lights...

LED Christmas Lights

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About C7 LED Christmas Lights, But Were Afraid to Ask

What Does Color Temperature Have To Do With LED Lighting?

led and color temperature chart resized 600

What Is Color Temperature?

Color Temperature is a measurement in Degrees Kelvin that indicates the hue of a specific type of light source. 

LED vs Fluorescent: 10 Problems To Consider With Fluorescent Lighting


Which Way To Go...LED vs Fluorescent

Fluorescent is still an inexpensive option for retrofitting old T12 fixtures, but Fluorescent lighting does have it's drawbacks.  Here are 10 problems that people run into with Fluorescent Lighting: 

How To Find Rebates and Financing For LED Lighting Projects

how to save money with led lighting rebates and financing

Rebates, Rebates, Rebates.....

One of the most common questions we get on our blog, "Are there rebates available for my project?".  This article will focus on the types available and hopefully point you in the right direction so you can see if your project will qualify.  

15 Must Have Formulas For Calculating ROI For LED Lighting Retrofit


How to Calculate a Basic LED Retrofit ROI Manually

While technology is a great thing to have, it often can be too complicated to really be of any value.  Calculating the financial benefits of updating to LED or even Fluorescent lighting can seem like a daunting task.  For basic retrofits, you really don't need a computer.  You can do all you need with a simple calculator and a basic sheet of paper.  

10 Reasons To Consider LED Lighting Beyond Energy Savings


Energy Savings Is Important, But Not The Only Reason...

In addition to energy savings, LED products offer other advantages over conventional lighting products.

LED Light Applications:LED vs. T8 Fluorescent In Parking Garage?


What Should I Install In My Underground Parking Garage In Humid, Salty air?

I recently got an email from a gentleman in Florida who was looking to replace lighting in an underground parking garage near the ocean.  He was looking to explore T8 fixtures, but was concerned about the humid, salt air as the parking garage had some open exposure to the humidity.  If he went with T8, then he was thinking they would have to be explosion proof.  

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