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Energy Retrofit Options: How To Recycle Existing Lighting Fixtures


Considering A Lighting Upgrade?  Don't Forget To Consider Energy Retrofits......

Let's take a look at different lighting retrofits available on the market today. 

T8 Lighting Retrofit


This section has several options available to consumers who wish to switch from T12 lighting.

One method would be to install a new T8 electronic ballast and new T8 lamps into the existing fixture. The sockets between T12 and T8 lamps are identical.

The other option is what as known as a retrofit "kit". There are many different models to choose from to fit most lighting applications.

These are particularly nice when the fixture is older because they include new end plates and sockets.

In older fixtures, the existing sockets are usually pretty beat up or so brittle that they shatter upon installing new lamps.

T5 Lighting Retrofit


Most of the time you see these used in 2X4 recessed fixtures. T5 being the newest and most efficient of the linear fluorescent technologies it does a great job in replacing either existing T12 or T8 lighting.

With the higher lumen's of T5 lighting it's very possible to reduce a 4 lamp fixture down to 2 lamps and either match or exceed existing light levels.


LED Lighting Retrofit


With LED lighting having so many versatile uses it didn't take long for the retrofit kits to hit the market.

There are kits available for almost any application. From exterior parking lot lighting and wall packs to recessed can light inserts and LED tube replacements for 2X4 fixtures.

While the LED retrofits are a more costly than a fluorescent retrofit they also boast longer life and unparalleled wattage reduction making them a great choice.


hovey-electric-induction-lighting-retrofitInduction Lighting Retrofits

With all of the high wattage metal halide currently in place it's nice to see several manufacturers designing kits that can be installed into these fixtures.

From high wattage parking lot lighting to high bay lighting thats installed in the majority of production and warehouse facilities there are kits available to fill the need.

Boasting better light quality and an average reduction of 50% in electricity usage it's easy to see the appeal.

Why do Retrofits?

2 words....cost savings!

If your existing fixtures are in decent shape and just need to be cleaned a retrofit of some sort is usually a pretty good move. You get the benefits of the newer energy efficient technology without having to pay for an entirely new fixture!

Typically the labor to hang an entirely new fixture is roughly the same cost as installing the retrofit so the labor becomes a wash. 

Learn About More Ways To Save With Energy Efficient Technologies

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