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Changes For The New Year At Hovey Electric....Check It Out...

2015 Brings Positive Changes To Hovey Electric....

There have been some changes coming for Hovey Electric for several months now.  As of January 2nd, they are all now official.  2 major changes that took place.....

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How Do LED Lights Work and Why Are They Better?

Ever Wonder What Makes LED Lights So Popular?

LED technology has been around for quite some time now but is just coming of age as it makes its presence more known in business and residential applications. This is a rapidly moving technology that’s developing at lightning speed.

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LED Lights: MaxLite Wall Packs Replace 100-250 Watt Metal Halide

Looking To Replace Outdoor Lighting?

There's plenty to read about LED (light emitting diodes) lighting these days, with this type of illumination existing as the backbone to many ongoing "green," environment-saving efforts both in homes and businesses.

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Energy Efficient Lighting: What Are Light Distribution Patterns?

Why Do You Need To Know This Stuff?

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Why "Lumens" Are Important To Your Energy Efficient Lighting Analysis

LUMENS – A unit of luminous flux; overall light output; quantity of light, expressed in lumens.

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Highbay Options: T5 vs T8 vs 400 Watt Metal Halide vs LED Highbay

So Many Fixture Options, But What Is The Right One?

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4 Major Advantages to Buying C9 LED Christmas Lighting

Give yourself the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season by replacing those old, substandard incandescent Christmas lights with C9 LED Christmas lights. Instead of digging out boxes of tangled wires this year, meticulously changing out bulbs that no longer work, consider purchasing some LED lights instead.

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About C7 LED Christmas Lights...

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About C7 LED Christmas Lights, But Were Afraid to Ask

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Scotopic vs Photopic Vision: How Your Eyes Perceive Light Quality

Scotopic vs Photopic Vision....How to Interpret What Your Eyes are Telling You

What's lighting quality?

Lighting quality is not as simple as taking a light meter and getting high foot candle readings. Unfortunately high foot candles do not mean the lighting is right. You can have lower foot candle(we'll call them FC) readings than before a project and actually have better light.

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What Does Color Temperature Have To Do With LED Lighting?

What Is Color Temperature?

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