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400 Watt Metal Halide Replacements: LED Highbay vs. T5 Highbay

LED highbay

LED vs. T5, the Highbay Heavy Hitters

When it comes to highbay lighting, metal halide is a thing of the past. Way to costly to run and maintain. Today, most people rely on T5 highbay's to fill that lighting application. It's inexpensive for the initial purchase, and is very cheap to maintain and run.

How To Calculate Lighting Costs For Metal Halide Fixtures

how to calculate the cost of metal halide fixtures

I See New Metal Halide Fixtures Are Going In Daily.....Despite The High Annual Cost Of Operation....

Every day I drive by new construction sites and just shake my head in disgust. 

Why It's Time To Replace The Metal Halide Fixtures In The Parking Lot


Do You Have A Parking Lot Full Of Metal Halide Fixtures?

If You Do, You Should Be Looking At Energy Efficient Strategies...

Can You Really Reduce Annual Energy Expenses and Annual Maintenance Expenses?

Have you noticed that your utility bill keeps getting higher and higher over time...or maybe you haven't noticed.  The increases in your utility bill are done in such small increments that you hardly notice unless you analyze very close. 

What's Cheaper To Maintain...400W Metal Halide Or T5?


Do You Know How Much It Costs To Maintain Your 400W Metal Halide or T5 Fixture?

How Much Does It Cost To Re-Lamp (Change out the bulbs...)?

Not how much it costs when you flip the switch.....I'm talking about what it to maintain the light fixture once it has been installed.

Metal Halide Fixtures:Does A Fixture Use Power With The Bulb Removed?

metal halide fixtures 400 watt metal halide off

A Metal Halide Can Cost You Even When Hiding In The Shadows....

Kathy Wants To Know.....

We got a question from Kathy in California yesterday.  She recently moved into a new facility after 26 years in the old one. 

5 Steps To Calculate Total Fixture Wattage For Metal Halide Fixtures


Metal Halide Fixtures Are Some Of The Most INEFFICIENT Lighting Options Available....Do You Have Some?

Metal halide fixtures are still being specified into projects even though they are one of the worse possible options when considering upgrading your lighting.

Maintenance Cost Comparison:400 Watt Metal Halide vs.Fluorescent T5


Have You Calculated The Cost Of A 400 Watt Metal Halide Fixture vs A Fluorescent T5?....If not, you should....

I'm not going to talk about how efficient fluorescent T5 lighting is, or how terrible metal halide is, I don't have to! You already know that....or if you didn't find out, just click here.

How To Reduce Gymnasium Lighting Cost By Over 50%.....Real Project


Can Energy Efficient Lighting Reduce Cost By 50%?

400 Watt Metal Halide Fixtures are NOT Energy Efficient or Cost Effective

The title of this article may be hard to believe, but I see the application almost daily used in several different types of facilities.  400 Watt Metal Halide fixtures are EVERYWHERE.  I attended several of my daughters Volleyball games this year at Public Schools and Universities.  What are they using?  400 Watt Metal Halide.  Metal Halides are NOT energy efficient compared to many options.

Utilities Paying Incentives But NOT Using Energy Efficient Lighting!


Utility Uses Inefficient 400 Watt Metal Halide For New Street Lights

I was recently traveling in Kentucky near our new facility and I noticed some new street lights put up by the local utility in the area.  Since they were new, I stopped in to take a look to see what type of technology they are using. 

Metal Halide:The Shocking Truth In The Life Of A Metal Halide Bulb


How Long Is The "Real" Life Of A  Metal Halide Bulb?

All metal halide bulbs have a relatively short life span compared to new technologies that are available today. This article is going to share with you the "shocking truth" that you may not realize if you are the owner of metal halide fixtures

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