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Why It's Time To Replace The Metal Halide Fixtures In The Parking Lot


Do You Have A Parking Lot Full Of Metal Halide Fixtures?

If You Do, You Should Be Looking At Energy Efficient Strategies...

Can You Really Reduce Annual Energy Expenses and Annual Maintenance Expenses?

Have you noticed that your utility bill keeps getting higher and higher over time...or maybe you haven't noticed.  The increases in your utility bill are done in such small increments that you hardly notice unless you analyze very close. 

What's Cheaper To Maintain...400W Metal Halide Or T5?


Do You Know How Much It Costs To Maintain Your 400W Metal Halide or T5 Fixture?

How Much Does It Cost To Re-Lamp (Change out the bulbs...)?

Not how much it costs when you flip the switch.....I'm talking about what it to maintain the light fixture once it has been installed.

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