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    4 Municipalities Find Ways To Improve Energy Efficiency


    Energy Efficiency Is Savingways to improve energy efficiency michigan Municipalities Millions Of Dollars

    Below are some recent articles on the topic of ways to improve energy efficiency. There are 4 examples of how cities and schools are saving real money by upgrading energy efficient technology.  

    Michigan City Adopts Energy Efficiency Culture

    Have you flown on a clear night lately?  Did you notice an orange glow coming up from the cities below?  The orange glow is from the outdated, inefficient High Pressure Sodium lighting fixtures from below.  

    Each time I fly, it troubles me to see this orange glow across the country.  It tells me that municipalities aren't getting it, and that ticks me off, because I know as a taxpayer, we are paying for that inefficiency one way or the other. Grand Rapids Michigan is an exception to that though.  

    I found a recent article that highlights all the city has been doing to reduce energy costs. I like the fact that there are some municipalities that "get it" and Grand Rapids is one of those. The one thing that stands out in this article for me is they have adopted a energy efficiency culture from top to bottom.  

    Read About How Energy Efficiency Strategy Pays Off in Grand Rapids

    Did You Drop Your Kids Off To School Today?

    I didn't have the honor of taking my kids to school today, but I imagine there are millions of parents who did.  While they were likely focused on getting the kids back to school and making sure they had all their "stuff", they probably didn't notice the inefficient lights in the parking lot or the flickering T-12 fluorescent's in the hallways of their kids schools.  Our public school system is ripe for change in this regard. 

    I chose this next article because I think it is sad that it takes 2 floods or a tornado to wipe out a city for school officials to embrace energy efficiency and sustainability.  I am glad as these new facilities are built, that they are using the latest technlogies.  

    Read about this Oregon School district that looks to energy efficient buildings upgrades to save ...

    Florida City Axes Metal Halide, Replaces With LED Saving 253,000 kwh

    When Lake Nona pursued a vision to line its Southeast Orlando streets with new lighting, the 7000-acre, master-planned community needed to match exacting aesthetic guidelines to leading-edge technology. Community ...

    Check Out This Florida Master-Planned Community Masters Energy-Saving Street Lighting ...

    Controversial Chicago Energy Efficiency Initiative Has Pundits Wondering If They Will See The Benefits

    Chicago's $1.7 billion Infrastructure Trust, a sweeping plan for financing public infrastructure improvements through private investment, is touted as a groundbreaking effort to cut the city's carbon footprint by increasing energy efficiency...

    The City of Chicago has been in the news A LOT over the past few years.  They make it again with a new initiative aimed at putting people back to work while saving the city millions in energy efficiency.  As an outsider looking in, assuming they actually do what they say, the initiative has the potential to save 50% on lighting costs.  

    Check Out Chicago's Aggressive Plans For Energy Efficiency Retrofit Chicago: Is energy efficiency plan worth the hype? | Midwest ...

    How Is Your City Or School Doing? 

    The problem with the adoption of energy efficient technologies in most businesses and municipalities, is lack of knowledge.  

    It is actually pretty simple...reduce wattage, reduce your electric bill.  

    Ok, there is a little more to it, so we created an e-Book to help you understand the benefits to energy efficiency.  

    If your local governments don't get it, pass it on to your local leadership at the city, township, county and state levels.  The inefficient lighting systems in most of our public owned buildings is out of date and costing us billions per year in wasteful energy. 

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