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    14 Ways To Save Energy For Michigan Small Businesses


    From occupancy sensors for lighting to HVAC improvements, there are a many ways for small14 ways businesses have to save energy michigan businesses to reduce their energy consumption. Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G) recently comprised a list of easy to implement tips for small business owners looking to reduce their energy foot print. Here are 14 of our favorite tips for your business:

    1. Install occupancy sensors to control such things as bathroom lighting and fans, lighting in offices, conference rooms, break rooms and copier/printer rooms.  According to a recent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) study, occupancy sensors can reduce energy waste by up to 68 percent and can increase energy savings by as much as 60 percent.

    2. Upgrade general area lighting to task lighting. Lighting is responsible for nearly half the energy consumed by commercial buildings. Task lighting can help reduce consumption of energy.

    3. Replace incandescent lamps with compact fluorescent fixtures. This is an easy step and one that will surely have a significant impact.

    4. Replace or retrofit all outdated T-12 fluorescent fixtures.

    5. Upgrade old water heaters with on-demand, tankless systems.

    6. Repair leaking water faucets. Keep in mind energy is used to heat and cool, as well as, to purify and pump water. Leaky faucets can be a source of high energy consumption.

    7. Upgrade old industrial unit heaters to gas-fired infrared heaters.

    8. Use a setback thermostat to save energy during the off-hours. PSE&G recommends setting it to 8 degrees above occupied cooling temperature and 8 degrees below occupied heating temperature during off hours.

    9. Instal Vending Misers on refrigerated beverage vending machines.

    10. Turn off lights whenever leaving a room.

    11. Dim, or even turn off, lights in areas illuminated by natural light.

    12. Turn off all computers at the end of each day.

    13. Use printer and copier energy saving modes.

    14. Decrease occupied heat settings to 68 degrees and cooling settings to 74 degrees.

    These are just a few simple ways business owners can decrease their carbon foot print and save money.

    Learn More About The Benefits Of Energy Efficiency For Your Michigan Business

    While these are some simple strategies you can implement right away in your business, understanding the overall benefits of adopting an energy efficient strategy is another thing. We put together a special e-Book so you can learn everything you need to know about the benefits of energy a copy today, just click on the book below....




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