LED Light Bulbs: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About LED

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Wed, Sep 05, 2012 @ 17:09 PM

LED Lighting Is Gaining Groundled light bulbs hovey electric 

LED lighting has been becoming more and more popular.  In fact if you go to the Google Keyword Tool, you will find the following number of global searches on the typical types of lighting:

  • LED Lighting - 1,500,000 Global searches
  • Metal Halide - 18,100 Global searches
  • Induction Fluorescent - 9,900 Global searches
  • Fluorescent - 165,000 Global searches

The number of searches is an indication of the number of searches being done.  You can clearly see that LED is the winner.  So you could say that LED lighting is much more than just a buzz word, it is the most popular term.  

This article explains how the general lighting market is impacting the growth of the LED lighting market. 

LED surge driven by general lighting applications - Yole - LED ...

"In 2012, most companies have moved to the new "El Dorado" of LED business: generallighting, which represents the next killer application for LEDs. But enabling massive adoption of the technology for such an application ...

Technology Advancing Daily

When we started working with energy efficiency 4 years ago, the technology just wasn't quite there yet and the fixtures were 2-4 times more expensive than other technologies.  Nearly everyday I see companies announcing new advancements in technology.  Here is an article announcing a new product: 

LEDE releases double-sided hanging LED panel light | Lights ...

The color temperature has three choices: 2700K-3500K, 4000K-5000K, 6000-6500K.Applications include office lighting, restaurant lighting and other commercial lighting... ThisLED panel lights are hanging celling with wirerope, the smooth profile of the LED Live panel can add sophistication and style to any commercial space, reducing glare and giving an optical illusion of natural light. Advantages : All-round, multi-angle luminous, dimmable, soft light effects and ...

Here is an article that I wrote back in February talking about another new generation LED....

Is It Possible For LED Lighting To Get More Efficient and Cheaper?

So Is LED really worth it?

Here is great article that has an entire breakdown about LED lighting.  It's a long article, but if you have a few minutes, it is a great read.  

Is all the hype surrounding LED justified? | Lights Manufacturer

LED can be designed into virtually all lighting applications including hotel and leisure, retail outlets, museums and art galleries, the health sector, education establishments and commercial premises of all types. It is also an ...

What Is An LED Anyhow?

Here I decided not to reinvent the wheel and let the folks to manufacture these things, describe what an LED really is...Lithonia did a really nice job on the video. They are a bit salesy, but they do a good job of answering many of the most common questions. Take a look;  

LED Lighting Part 1: LED Basics

LED Basics -- A general overview of LED lighting technology

Applications For LED

Well once again, I am going back to Lithonia.  This video discusses the the indoor applications for LED lighting.  Just keep in mind, these applications apply to any type of LED lighting. 

LED Lighting Part 3: Customers & Applications

LED Customers and Applications -- Identifies customers and applications that benefit most from LED technology

Is LED For You?

What do you think?  Are you sold on LED?  Cost can still be an issue and there are several other factors that will determine if this is the right fit for your application. To really mess with your mind, let's compare LED Lighting to one of my other most favorite technologies, Induction Lighting. 

LED Lighting vs Induction Lighting 

Which one do you decide to choose - LED tube lights or Induction ...

Perfect when you want to provide secondary lighting to walls, ceiling as induction is a 360 degree light source. What product works best for your application? LED and induction both have good efficiencies and applications.

It's Not Just About Individual Technologies, There Are Many Other Benefits To Energy Efficiency....

A blog post is not nearly enough space to give justice to all the benefits that energy efficiency can provide to a business owner, and we know that.  So to help you out, we created an guide to help you sort through the BS and get right to what matters most, how is this going to save me money. That's what it's all about, right?

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