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Highbay Options: T5 vs T8 vs 400 Watt Metal Halide vs LED Highbay


So Many Fixture Options, But What Is The Right One?

Should you keep your old 400 watt metal halide or replace with T5 or T8 and what about those new LED Highbays? 

The only way to really determine what is the best lighting source for replacing your old, inefficient fixtures is to do a lighting layout.  If you simply replace your existing lighting fixtures without analyzing layouts and the financial benefits, you may simply be throwing away money. 

There really is no one solution for every application, so you need to look at several. 

This video from MaxLite sets out to prove that you can't use one light source for every application.  They go through several scenarios looking at light source vs light source and look at photometrics of current lighting vs replacement lighting. 

Then, each scenario is analyzed to maximize light output, while also maximizing return on investment to the end user.   Check it out....

Ready To Analyze Your Facility?

Did you know Hovey Electric provides lighting consulting to help you determine the best lighting source for your facility?

A one for one swap of your old fixture with a new fixture may not be the best application for your facility.  A lighting layout is the only way to determine the correct number of fixtures, lighting levels and what makes the most "financial sense" for your business. In most cases, we can provide that for FREE....


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