Job Description - Safety Director

    Job Title: Safety Director

    Reports To: Project Supervisor Team

    Reporting Function:  Safety Manager reports directly to the Project Supervisor Team and is expected to communicate with the Project Supervisor Team 2-3 times per day to review safety of all Hovey Electric employees and jobs.

    Key Result: Utilize years of experience and knowledge to motivate, train, monitor, evaluate, track and enforce Company policy to work toward creating the best environment for completing all Hovey Electric jobs safely per client specific requirements, job specific requirements and Hovey Electric requirements. 

    Strategic Responsibilities: Oversee the safety of all jobs assigned, Train Electricians, Assist employees in any way deemed necessary to the safe installation of a job.  Monitor and track the safety, problem solve, keep projects on track, assist with better ways to complete jobs, support all levels of employees below the Project Supervisor, Job Leader, effectively communicate with subordinates, job owners and management of Hovey Electric. 


    1.       Walk through the jobsite(s) daily and monitor the crew and conditions for safety.

    2.       Keep within the bid amount of hours for the Safety Manager for the project.

    3.       Inform workers on how to produce a safe working environment.

    4.       Perform and submit audits and associated documentation required of each job or project.

    5.       Perform weekly safety meetings that are relevant to the project.

    6.       Report all safety violations to the Project Supervisor/Job Leader.

    7.       Keep records of safety classes or courses required for workers to be on the project.  Safety records need to be accessible for Project Supervisors on a weekly basis.

    8.       Write safety activity plans for project.

    9.       Attend Pre-job Safety Meetings for awarded projects.

    10.   Verify that all subs are actively performing all aspects of the safety program per the site specifications.

    11.   Keep records of the crew’s safety courses as well as inform the Project Supervisor/Job Leader and Project Manager of the status.

    12.   Keep inventory and condition of safety equipment and material supplied by Hovey Electric, Inc.

    13.   Keep informed and familiarized of all of the current safety rules and regulations.

    14.   Submit all documents and attend all meetings required in the event of an accident on the jobsite.

    15.   Accompany any workers receiving medical treatment for a work related accident.

    16.   All duties asked to be performed by Hovey Electric, Inc. rules and regulations written in the employee handbook.

    17.   Utilize the time machine assigned to the job.  Badging in and out for arrival, departure, and lunch breaks.

    18.   Audit of Safety Reps record keeping.

    19.   Attend and or present a minimum of 1 safety meeting each month for every Hovey Electric, Inc. job.

    20.   Attend a minimum of 1 monthly walk through with customer safety representative for every Hovey Electric, Inc. job.

    21.   Provide safety representatives with relevant material for meeting and audit meeting records for participation and context.

    22.   Responsible for the Hovey Electric Safety Manual, including updates.  Include MSDS to the Hovey Electric Safety Manual.

    23.   Responsible for record keeping and reporting procedures.  Maintain records on the Hovey Electric, Inc. server. 


    Desired Results:

    Continuous improvement of Hovey Electric Safety Program

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    Please NO PHONE Calls.