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LED Light Applications: Municipality Embraces LED Lighting


LED Lighting is Big Savings

With LED lighting being the "buzz" word in energy efficiency I am really surprised that more counties, cities, and townships have not made the leap. If you look at the applications and opportunities that these places have for energy saving LED lighting installations it's simply mind boggling.

Ways To Save Energy:3 Tips To Increase Energy Savings In Home Or Biz


Simple, Practical Ways To Find Energy Savings for Homeowners and Small Businesses

These are some simple tips than anyone can implement for immediate energy savings.  I know, because these are the very same things I did in my home.

How to Calculate Total Fixture Wattage for Fluorescent Lighting


Step 1 - Determine Your Type of Fluorescent Fixture

In order to calculate your total fixture wattage, you need to know what the wattage is of the existing system you have in place.  There are numerous variables, but typically we see T-12 fluorescent lighting in most places.  Even if you are aware of that you use T-12's, knowing what type of T-12 fixture is very important.  Here are the 3 that we run into most

Energy Efficient Lighting:400 Watt Metal Halide vs. T-5 Retrofit


Will T-5 Replacement Make My Facility More Energy Efficient?

What Is Annual Energy Savings and How Do I Calculate The Savings?


Business Costs Are Rising...But, Look To Annual Energy Savings...

Can It Be Lowered?

Identifying energy savings is a simple mathematical calculation based on wattage of your existing lighting system.  Most people don't take the time to figure out how turning on the lights is related to that energy bill you open every month. 

Holiday Energy Saving Ideas

LED Christmas tree

Tis the season!

.....for high energy bills! Today let's look at some simple tips and energy saving ideas to help this holiday season.

5 Energy Saving Tips That Save You Money


Want to Save Some Money?  Here are some energy saving tips that will save you some cash!

I  haven't met a person yet who didn't like to save a buck or two. 

How To Be Your Own Electricity Calculator for Energy Savings


"How To" Energy Savings Calculations

Recently we took a good hard look at what articles we had written generated the most interest. It was clear that most people were interested in the "how to" of calculations.

How To Calculate Occupancy Sensors Energy Savings


Do Occupancy Sensors Save Big Money?

I have written in the past about which sensors are for various applications, however a common question I hear is "how much electricity do they save?". In this article I will run through a common scenario and show the benefits of adding them to your lighting system.

Ways to Improve Hazardous Area Lighting for Energy Efficiency


No Solutions for Energy Efficient Hazardous area lighting?

I drive to work every morning and see large chemical process facilities burning inefficient HID lighting.

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