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11 Reasons To Consider Energy Saving Automobile Dealership Lighting


Dealership Electricity Consumption Amongenergy efficient automobile dealership lighting Highest In Business

For most businesses, lighting accounts for about 18-55% of total overall facility electricity consumption.

With Dealerships, the percentage falls on the higher end of that range, mainly because of their exterior lights.

Lighting Responsible for 20-25% of Nations Energy Consumption

The Energy Efficient Lighting Association (EELA) reports that 20-25 percent of the country’s energy consumption is due to lighting; and 50 percent of that bill comes from industrial and commercial buildings. 

Energy codes are becoming more restrictive with California leading the way.  The end results are truly beneficial to businesses. 

Here Are 11 Reasons Why You Should Consider Energy Efficient Lighting

1. Better Aesthetics

    Making an auto Dealership look good is important.  While most dealerships are really nice on the inside, making the facility look good at night has been less of a concern. 

    In the past there haven’t been many good alternatives. From dark lots to partially lit lots, we see Dealerships awareness about consuming less energy. 

    Aesthetics are important all the way through the facility – whether it be from the outside or the waiting areas or showrooms.

    2. Overhead Cost Reduction

      Health insurance, general insurance, compliance costs are all on the rise.  Very few costs are able to be reduced. 

      Energy efficient lighting is one area that can be reduced contributing to lower overhead costs.

      3. Improved Customer Comfort

        The right amount of light creates less eye strain, makes the area look cleaner and can make customers feel comfortable and at ease. 

        4. Energy Rates Are Increasing

          What we’re seeing, even in the projects that we’ve completed, is that electrical consumption costs are on the rise.  After reviewing the rates of a Dealership here in Michigan over the past 3 years, rates have gone up 44%.

          While this is important for you as an individual business owner or even a homeowner, the reality is that the demand for energy is rising.  Due to regulatory problems and the length of time it takes to get a power plant built, the available supply is likely to dwindle in the future. 

          Increased demand paired with reduced supply will eventually lead to higher energy costs.  That's why everyone needs to pay attention to how reducing wattage through energy efficient lighting, can bring benefits throughout your overall energy demand requirements.

          5. Higher Quality Product, Fewer Re-do’s

            From the Body Shop to the Wash Area, it is important to get every detail just right and by providing the right type of lighting your employees will more likely get it right the first time.

            6. Higher Worker Satisfaction

              Anytime we do a lighting upgrade, we always get smiles out of the employees. The only ones who aren’t smiling are the ones whose area may not have been upgraded yet.  That can create quite a conversation among the workers. 

              7. The Arrival of Electric Cars

                There’s a whole lot more emphasis now on the electric cars, so being green is being considered the right thing to do.  One of the big benefits of using electric cars is the carbon reduction.  So making your Dealership energy efficient will lower carbon output as well. 

                8. Reduce Strain On National Electrical Grid

                  Lighting utilizes about 18% of the total electricity currently generated in the United States.  Lighting within commercial buildings is responsible for roughly 71% of the 18% total electricity generated. 

                  Energy efficient lighting is one physical change that  could bring that percentage down drastically.

                    9. Reduce Heat Gain To Reduce Cooling Cost

                    The excellent benefits of updating your lighting goes further than the obvious benefit of reduced cost, better light, tax deductions and reduced maintenance costs. 

                    Energy efficient lighting can impact your facilities overall power quality.

                    10. Better Lighting Technology Cleans Up Your Power

                    Lighting also has an impact on the facilities power quality for the entire electrical distribution system.  Poor power quality is a major problem that you may not be aware of. 

                    The quality of power to your site can impact the amount of energy wasted, overall capacity of the facility, and can ruin equipment that you have in place. 

                    Updated lighting technology has much higher power factor values and low harmonic distortion which will improve a facilities power quality across the buildings entire electrical system. 

                    11. Reducing Load Can Have Added Value To Future Expansion

                    By reducing lighting loads by up to 50%, you will also free up valuable electrical capacity in your facility.  This could be a major factor outside all of the other benefits of increasing your facilities energy efficiency, especially if you are expanding. 

                    Reducing capacity may mean not having to add capital intensive electrical infrastructure.  This alone could make the energy efficient lighting upgrade well worth the investment.

                    Learn More About Energy Efficient Lighting

                    Download our , Dealership Guide To Energy Efficient Lighting to find out more specific details about energy efficient technology and how you can implement these technologies in business. 

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