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Energy Efficient Lighting For Detailing Work Areas


Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrade for Detailing Area at Crippen Automotive

Here's what manager Tom Hopkins had to say about his new lights:

Energy Efficient Lighting in the Detail Area at Crippen Automotive

The Detailing area in a automotive dealership is one of the most important areas for impressing the customers.  This is the final stop for the vehicle either being returned to the customer or receiving that brand new car. 

To say the vehicle must be cleaned to perfection is an understatement.  Often when we visit dealerships, they mention that they always have a spot that is missed when they pull the vehicle out in the natural sunlight. 

Energy Efficient Lighting Creates Better Light

That is not the case at Crippen Automotive.  With a new lighting upgrade, the hard working employees in the detail area are now able to see MUCH better than before the upgrade.  While energy efficiency was the initial driver behind the upgrade, the benefit to this area was the higher quality light.

What Makes the Energy Efficient Lights Better?

We knew that this area would need a high quality light.  You can often to that, but you have to give up energy efficiency.  In this case, we were able to combine both, for an ideal application in the detail area.

What We Replaced:

(16) 8' T12HO Light Fixtures ( 237 Watts Each)

We Replaced Them With:

(16) Ultralux T5 (190 Watts Each)

Savings: 47 Watts Per Fixture or 752 Watts Total

Why Did We Choose The Energy Efficient Ultralux Fixture?

  • Lowest wattage of T5 fixtures
  • Blue Max Bulbs have high Kelvin Value and high CRI

What Does All This Mean?

A high CRI value and high Kelvin value means that the light is as close to daylight as you can get in an indoor environment allowing the employees to see much better.

Footcandles Before:35fc


Footcandles After: 85fc


We increased the lighting levels by 50fc while saving 47 watts per fixture.

Make Your Detail Area More Energy Efficient

Hovey Electric looks for the best applications to satisfy the needs of our clients.  In this case we were able to provide higher quality light with energy efficient fixtures.  Let's take a look at your facility, it's FREE and no obligation required.


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