T8 Lighting: Energy Efficient Applications And Uses For T8 Fixtures

Posted by Dave VanTol on Wed, Feb 15, 2012 @ 04:02 AM

When And Where To Use T8 Technology

While its easy for me to know what lighting fits what application due to my years in the field, there are many out there who have questions.

This article will highlight the most common applications for T8 lighting; when its a good choice and when it's not.energy-efficient-lighting-t8-vs-t5-hovey-electric

Temperature Of The Area Is Key

T8 lighting by fluorescent standards is pretty good at handling the cold. While it's not meant for exterior applications it can operate down to temperatures of around 50F without noticeable lumen depreciation. 

The T8 Has Limitations

Another key factor is mounting height. While T8 is far better than T12 lighting it still lacks the punch that a T5 would offer. For this reason you will want to watch the height your mounting the fixtures at.

There are T8 F-bay fixtures that are replacements for Metal Halide area lighting but these work best at heights of twenty foot or less.

If you do have to stretch it to twenty five foot I highly recommend the minimum you install would be a 6 lamp fixture to compensate for the added height. 

Where T8 Really "Shines"

The most common application for T8 is in office lighting, there's a good chance it's working right over your head as you read this.

Climate controlled areas with lower ceilings are where the T8 maximizes it's performance. Typical office hours of 10-12 hrs per day lend themselves to actually maximizing both lamp and ballast life of T8 lighting.

With a rated lamp life of 36,000 hrs for standard lamps and up to 42,000 hrs. for extended life lamps, T8 lighting helps cut down on maintenance costs for large office, school, and government buildings making it a popular and economical choice.

Where Else Can You Use T8?

Anywhere you have a climate controlled environment with lower mounting heights are great places. Other areas include:

  • Heated storage areas
  • Fabrication floors
  • Mechanic garages

All are great areas for this versatile lighting technology. Take a look around. Do you have areas with older T12 or Metal Halide lighting installed that meet these criteria?

If so, then you have the perfect opportunity to upgrade to a much better light that helps cut down on costs. Take a look at our article about How To Transform Existing T12 To T8 Using Retrofit Kits. 

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