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FREE Webinar: Live! How To Do Energy Efficient Lighting Calculations


Live Webinar - Learn Step By Step How To Do Energy Efficiency Calculations

Join us February 21st, 2PM EST for a FREE webinar.  Join myself, Jimmy Hovey and Dave VanTol, free-webinar-how-to-do-calculations-for-energy-efficient-lighting-calculationsEnergy Efficiency Consultant , while we work through a lighting analysis of a real facility. 

Can We Use Your Facility As A Sample?

In fact, how about your facility?  Volunteer your facility and you can join us on the Webinar as a guest. 

We only have about an hour, so we walk through 1 type of existing lighting. This is a perfect opportunity to see how a real commercial energy audit would be conducted.

But don't worry, even if we don't get volunteers, we will walk you through a real facility that we are currently working on.

We will walk you through the process step by step.

In This Webinar You Will Learn:

  • How to determine the right type of lighting
  • How to identify the corect levels of lighting for your facility
  • What your annual savings could be by upgrading to new energy efficient solutions
  • Does your facility qualify for a tax deduction; Energy and Policy Act of 2005
  • Learn how to calculate maintenance savings from updating to new technolgy
  • Identify potential utility incentives for your local utility
  • Calculate potential ROI if you were to upgrade your facility
  • Sources for financing energy efficient projects

Webinar Ideal For....

This webinar is ideal for business owners, plant managers, CEO's, CFO's, Controllers and General Managers who want to better understand how energy efficient lighting could improve their bottom line....or join us if your just curious.  Submit questions via live Twitter feed. 

Don't forget, if you have been curious or struggling with calculating the right energy efficiency numbers, you will want to join us for this webinar.  It is FREE...just click the button below to sign up.


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