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How To Find The Most Energy Efficient 400 Watt Metal Halide


The Most Energy Efficient Metal Halide Is....


The Most Energy Efficient is a Metal Halide that Has NO Power Running To It...

This one still has power to it, so I guess you could say it is not the most energy efficient.  You might be thinking that because it is shut off, it must not be drawing any power.

WRONG, if the bulb is burnt out, you are still burning power. 

Even if the lumen output is less, you are still burning 458 watts in a 400 watt metal halide. 

Metal Halides are quite simply energy hogs!!

Designers Don't Get It!

In this same building there was an addition built and completed last year.  Guess what kind of fixtures they used? 

Yes, you are correct, metal halide.  I don't understand why Architects, Engineers and Lighting Specifiers are not paying attention.  There are many strong alternatives out there.  Here is one of them:

Energy Efficiency Inductive Fluorescents

Inductive fixtures are much more expensive than straight linear fluorescent.  Choice of the type of fixture just depends on the application.  Inductive fixtures are manufactured to look very similar to the one in the picture above. 

Benefits of Inductive

High CRI Values- This just means the light is very close to daytime light, a much whiter light in side.

High Kelvin Value - Kelvin of 5000K + contribute to the look of brighter, whiter light, similar to the definition above. 

Because of the High Kelvin value and High CRI, the eye perceives the light to be much brighter than it actually is.  Therefore, you can significantly reduce the wattage for optimum energy savings.

Long, Long Life - Inductive bulbs are rated at 100,000 hours.  If you run them 4000 hours per year, you are looking at 20 years of life, amazing.  We have been installing Inductive Fixtures from Everlast Lighting in Jackson, MI.

Not Sure How to Find the Most Energy Efficient Alternatives? 

Hovey Electric looks at energy efficient lighting systems as an investment into your business.  Business owners must weigh all of their options very closely in these tough economic times. 

Energy efficiency projects most often prove to be very attractive investments.  Want to learn more about energy efficiency?

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