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How To Reduce Gymnasium Lighting Cost By Over 50%.....Real Project


Can Energy Efficient Lighting Reduce Cost By 50%?

400 Watt Metal Halide Fixtures are NOT Energy Efficient or Cost Effective

The title of this article may be hard to believe, but I see the application almost daily used in several different types of facilities.  400 Watt Metal Halide fixtures are EVERYWHERE.  I attended several of my daughters Volleyball games this year at Public Schools and Universities.  What are they using?  400 Watt Metal Halide.  Metal Halides are NOT energy efficient compared to many options.

I just dropped her off yesterday to a Softball clinic at Central Michigan University at this HUGE indoor track facility.  What type of lights are they using?  You guessed it, 400 Watt Metal Halide.  No one will argue, 400 Watt Metal Halides are energy hogs, plain and simple. Not only are there more energy efficient options out there, but the options can significantly reduce the annual cost of operating the facility.

Why Can Energy Efficient Lighting Save 50%?....Less Wattage


Existing Wattage of 400 Watt Metal Halide

400 Watt Metal Halide = 458 Watts - NOT Energy Efficient

400 Watt Metal Halide's are using 458 Watts.  That is a proven fact.  The easiest way to lower Gymnasium Lighting cost by 50% is to replace them.  By replacing the 400 Watt Metal Halide with a high bay fluorescent fixture, you can easily lower the cost of energy to operate these fixtures by 50%. 

High Bay Fluorescent = 200 Watts - YES, Energy Efficient

High bay fluorescent fixtures use around 200 Watts (some lower, some a little higher).  Here is where the simple math comes in (see my previous post Learn How Watts Can Improve Energy Efficiency; "Watt's" a Watt? if you want more detail on how to calculate your total wattage).

How to Calculate 50%+ in Savings

Existing 400 Watt Metal Halide = 458 Watts

New High Bay = 200 Watts

The Difference = 258 Watts

258/458 = 56% Less Wattage

If you use 56% Less Wattage, then you will use 56% less energy thus making your facility more energy efficient.  That is just simple math and easy to accomplish using replacements. 

But you don't have any money?  Take a look at rebates that are available in your area. 

There are numerous incentives and financing options available that lower the initial cost of installation and allow you to pay over time with the energy savings.  This means no out of pocket expense for you. 

An Example of Energy Efficient Gymnasium Lighting?

Hovey Electric replaced Gymnasium lighting for Northwood University and you can read about how they are saving $16,000 per year in energy costs by replacing 76 400 Watt Metal Halides. 

If you want to find out more about the benefits of energy efficiency and how to calculate your energy savings, download our FREE 36 Page E-book titled:  Business Owners Guide to Energy Efficiency. 


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