Download Case Study About How Northwood University Un-Wastes $16,000 Annually

    Northwood University lights up Hach Center Gymnasium

    Northwood University, located in Midland, MI, replaced their existing lighting system even though it was only 8 years old.  You can download the case study at the bottom of the page.  The case study describes:

    • How we improved the lighting levels even though we reduced the energy consumption by 50%!
    • How Northwood paid for this project in less than 2 years!

    Take a look and read for yourself.  The financial benefit of an upgrade to your lighting system is typically most interesting.  This study will show you many other benefits that come along with the very favorable financial benefits.  Go to the bottom of the page, download our short little story about one of our first energy efficiency services projects.  

    Northwood University Hach Gymnasium Lighting Retrofit

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    One Of Our Energy Efficient Projects:Northwood University's Hach Gymnasium

    We were half way through the installation and just had to take this picture. 

    Notice how dark it is on the left. 

    On the right you can see how much brighter the light is.