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You can do your own commercial energy really is easy once you knowDo-It-Yourself-Commercial-Energy-Audit everything you need to know.  In fact there are about 64 different things you need to know in order to successfully do this yourself

Who has the time to sit down and read all 64 at once?  We provide you with a series of emails to hlep you get your own commercial energy audit done.  Included will be some homework to complete...but don't worry...we give you plenty of time to get it done.  We just want to show you how easy it is to save money with energy efficient technologies....PLUS

Did you know it can cost anywhere from $8,000 on up to $20,000 to do an energy audit on your facility?  That is a lot of money.  We have seen those audits and we have performed many ourselves.  We don't overwhelm our clients with 50-100 pages of jargon you can't understand.  We make it simple and we start with lighting. 

You Can Learn:

  • Why you need to understand why energy efficiency is important to your business (...more than just energy cost)

  • How to create a energy efficiency goal for your business

  • How to get all the data you need to identify your existing lighting infrastructure

  • What you really need to know out of all those fancy "energy efficiency" terms

  • What calculations you need to make a good decision

  • How to do a financial analysis of your energy efficient project

  • What you need to make an educated, business decision....does it make sense..(or cents?)

We are going to save you a ton of money.  Why?  Everyday we see Contractors, Engineers and Architects constantly specifying old, outdated, inefficient equipment. 

The Engineers are supposed to keep up with technology...but they aren't.  Take control and learn about getting an education in our Free E-Course "How To Do Your Own Commercial Energy Audit" PLUS you can save a bundle of money. 

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