.81 (EMR) Earned Modification Rating


All Hovey Electric employees are required to review company handbook, safety policy, and complete Great Lakes Safety construction training 8 hours course.

Employees will follow all government safety regulations, owner’s safety regulations and the company’s safety requirements which they are totally responsible for.

Hovey Electric employs full-time safety representatives who are responsible for the coordination and implementing all safety activities and requirements of each and all projects.

All incidents and unplanned events, are reported and prelim reports are submitted within 24 hours of occurrence. Incidents and information is discussed in safety meetings with all employees as a learning process to help prevent future incidents.

Daily observations of each project are conducted by site safety representatives, audits are conducted on a daily basis tracked and recorded to maintain, reduce, and eliminate unsafe acts.

Hovey Electric Supervisors along with Site Safety Representatives on a daily basis conduct morning tailgate safety meetings to discuss progress, safety issues, questions, and concerns to help raise safety awareness.

Listed below are awareness and safety tools used on every Hovey Electric project. These tools are a requirement of each and every employee.

  • CHAT Card: Continuous Hazard Analysis Card
  • STAC Card: Safety Task Analysis Card
  • BBP Card: Behavior Based Performance Card
  • Morning Tailgate Safety Meetings
  • Weekly Safety Meetings with Supervisors input on topic
  • Pre Job Orientation – per job – each employee
  • Daily JSA: Job Safety Analysis – per job